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Virtual Reality Technologies in 2019

Virtual Reality Technologies in 2019

  • January 28, 2019
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Remember when the Oculus Rift first launched in 2016? Although it has only been a few short years, VR technology has made great advancements. We are all a little bit closer to living out that virtual reality that we’ve always dreamed about. And with Oculus taking over as one of the biggest names in the VR industry, gamers and tech fans alike are looking at this company to predict its next moves. 2018 saw huge releases, such as the Oculus Go. However, VR technology still isn’t quite in the mainstream yet. The big companies are looking to change that by the end of 2019, so you can definitely expect some big releases soon. With all of that being said, what exactly is in the works for VR in 2019? Here’s what to expect.

Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Quest

When the Oculus Rift launched a few years ago, people were enameled by the fluidity and functionality of this new virtual reality device. When hooked up to a powerful PC, users could see for themselves how the machine would track every head tilt and angle. What’s the best way to improve on that?


Virtual Reality for Mobile.

That’s right; this new ambitious endeavor by Oculus could introduce that same powerful Rift technology to the mobility and comfort of your own mobile device. That way, you can take all of your favorite VR experiences with you on the go, never missing a beat.


PlayStation VR

Although this isn’t necessarily a new invention for 2019, PSVR is still predicted by the experts to be the best exclusive gaming headset in 2019. It’s far cheaper than an Oculus or Vive product, but it’s the best as far as exclusives go.

There are some advantages to having this cheaper headset. It can introduce players to the world of VR without requiring a huge price tag, and one only needs a PS4 to start using it right away.

There aren’t a lot of options for VR Gaming headsets, especially ones that are built for specific consoles. So as far as this lineup goes, you can be certain that the PSVR headset will stick around.


Wireless Innovations and Eye Tracking

Let’s talk about technological advances. There are a lot of user complaints about the first iteration of the Rift, with general chunkiness and lack of mobility taking the forefront. Fortunately, companies like Oculus have listened to these complaints, and are adapting to some major changes.

First of all, the new Rift is slated to be wireless. But don’t worry, it’s not going to sacrifice any of the power that it already possesses. Instead, you’ll be able to move more fluidly and from greater distances without worrying about being bound by a cord.

Likewise, innovative eye tracking technology will make it easier for you to feel immersed in a truly authentic experience. The new VR devices will track the movement of your eyes more fluidly and naturally, creating a vivid and accurate virtual landscape for you to enjoy. Companies have already started installing this new tech in testing helmets to focus more on the “reality” of the experience, and less on the “virtual”.


Make the Most of Your Virtual Reality Experience!

What’s your favorite VR innovation this year? The details on what to expect from VR in 2019 are still in their infancy, and more information may come over time. There’s a lot to look forward to this year as this powerful new industry rises to the top. Companies will continue to push VR towards the mainstream, offering features and techniques that have never been touched upon before. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

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