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Game Developer as a Good Career Choice

Game Developer as a Good Career Choice

  • January 05, 2019
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If you are talented or have decent drawing skills, love games as well as spend lots of money on new game releases, would it not be awesome to be a game developer for a living? This thought process is something many passionate gamers experience often, or at least once in their lives. It is something I did consider while in college since I love gaming too and turning my hobby to a career seemed quite appealing with game development looking like a “hip, rock-star type of job”. Additionally, getting employed and working in this industry comes with an absence of glamorous flair. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking these options, the data below is worth considering.

Game Development
The Cost of a Game Developer Education

To get into a game development career, it is essential you get either a programming degree or Design/Arts degree specializing in web design or graphics. Furthermore, game development specialization degrees are currently being offered, but the quality of this education remains uncertain. Nevertheless, for the undergraduate program, be ready to part with between $18.000 to $35.000.

Obtaining the degree nevertheless does not mean big vendors such as EA will instantaneously want to hire your services with the job market being brutally competitive. Thus, it is vital you get extra credits before sending a job application, and this includes everything and anything from participating in gaming competitions. Additionally, you can attend various out-of-school classes like Vision Tech Camp, which consequently allows you to leverage your skills, whereas you still are in high school, investing seriously in further self-education when in college. Lastly, applying for internships will be very beneficial. Therefore, if you intend to work in a big company just after graduating, then it is critical you accrue specific experiences and skills.

The Present State of The Job Market

Since 2014, the number of job openings in the game development industry has drastically reduced despite this industry’s growth, and it being expected to hit $19.6 billion by 2019. To be precise, the estimation by Indeed is that there would be a 65% drop in all positions in gaming firms.
According to Indeed, many individuals have broken into the gaming industry hence making the job market somewhat too saturated despite lacking the requisite skills. Majority of the vendors are searching to fill in very definite vacancies which attempt to deal with emergent technologies like AR games for VR and smartphones
So, to considerably increase your chances of getting employed, you need to smartly look into domains and not traditional game development for PCs.

The Day-To-day of Game Developers

David Mullich, who has worked as a game developer with huge companies such as Disney, Apple and Mattel explained days as a game developer involved staring at the computer screen or recurrent meetings. Therefore, this work sometimes can become monotonous, and the stress level usually is high because publishers can demand unrealistic demands so that they get the maximum worth for their investment. Nevertheless, the results are unavoidably disappointing.
Game developers work for over 60 hours a week and earn around $70.000 annually, with this being an acceptable salary in comparison to other peer programmers working in this domain. Whereas your job will entail playing a lot of games, it is not quite as exciting as you would think since it is a slog, which is like reading a dismally written article or book.

Thus, Is This Job Ideal for You?

Most expert game developers agree that to succeed in this industry, you need to be really, passionate about this industry to survive in it, and without this, your days can become soul-crushing.
Working for a more prominent vendor offers you more job security; however, the pressure from the company’s management can be too much as well as little room left for creativity.
Contrary, starting your own company after getting the needed skill or partnering with an indie studio means that neither your salary and game are not securely funded. It could, however, be awful when the game you have been developing does not get the much-needed tractions.
Finally, game development is an exhilarating and rewarding career choice but can still be extremely competitive. Thus, you need to be prepared for a challenge before venturing into it.

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