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Hi there! My name is Calim Thomas – a Game Developer, Game Tester and most of all; a Gaming Geek. Welcome to Insane Unity and my utmost gratitude to you in visiting my Game Development blog.

I won’t make this rant about me long so I will just go right to the juicy stuff. Way back when I was a kid in the early 80s, my grandfather gave me an Atari alongside with classic titles such “Pac-Man”, “Asteroids”, “Space Invaders” and a couple more titles that are too ancient for me to recall. Games back then we’re simple compared to what we have right now. Monotonous Retro beats, flashing pixels and simple mechanics are what reeled me in to the world of video games.

That very day is what inspired and pushed me to be who I am today, a Passionate Game Developer. I went through a lot of hardship on my way to achieve a degree in programming, back then; information is scarce and you have almost zero access to any guides and tutorials unlike now. I mastered BASIC programming language and made my own game that I used for my thesis. Flash forward, I got my degree and jump from job to job and eventually here I am, making AAA games on contract for various game publishers.

I enjoy blogging and teaching when I am not writing and debugging codes so join me if you wish to learn or simply talk about video games.

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